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The CryptoTW Project provides a win32 DLL that acts as an interface between the GPG.EXE from and a win32 program. Programming automated systems against the gpg.exe can be a challenging experience. By solving the problem once, as a DLL, and incorporerating the specific gpg options our Technical Manual specifies.

Recognizing that our previous encryption product was not meeting our needs any longer, the EEAT membership began looking for a more permant solution that we would grow with us and would not tie us to a single provider, who could change the software at a whim, requiring us to redeploy the encryption product across the whole participant network. The pgp product was still of interest, but NAI was not licensing it for the way we needed to use is. The GnuPG product was brought to our attention as a implementation of the OpenPGP spec., without relying on a propretary vendor. The source-code avaliability was an added bonus.

Project History
The Electronic Exchange Advisory Team(EEAT) is charged with the secure transmission of student loan data. Origionally data was exchanged between industry partners via a propretary system. Due to increasing data exchange needs and the demize of the company that provided the propretary comunications network, the EEAT membership voted to move to internet e-mail with encryption. Initially we wanted to use pgp from NAI. Due to a licensing issue, that product was not avaliable for our use. The product we finally settled on was propretory and has been problematic to use.

The EEAT sets standards for data exchange in the student loan industry. Some of the standards setting efforts have resulted in open-source software that would benfit other industries beyond ours. The EEAT is placing those projects on SourceForge, in the hopes that others will be able to benefit from these projects.

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